SETTEBELLO - Azienda Conciaria


Founded in 1957 in Santa Croce sull'Arno, Conceria Settebello Spa produces chrome tanned leather for shoes, leather goods and small leather good industries. The name, mantained with pride during years, its due to the homonnymous train, boast of Made in Italy, used by the founders Silvano and Lido Brogi during their first business journeys. Conceria Settebello has developed during years increasing its output and enlarging its product range on the market.
Support an assistance, co-operaton and continuous propositiveness given to customers by a staff of high technical and imprenditorial competence, these are the Settebello's points of strenghtness. Further more there's careful budget analysis, attentive production planning and a performance management that allows monitoring and traceability of the products. Respect of delivery terms and care for details are a warranty of enormous value for costumers.

To work in Settebello means share a mentality, a method where availability, co-operation and respect for each other and for the environment are fondamental. A young and versatile team composed of 40 persons where, to a pool of 10 board level employees, real engine of the firm, its added the precious devotion of an extremely professional working force. Different nationalities and religions get integrate making up the principals ingredients of a team that works hard looking forward at the same target: create quality leather respecting the environment.

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