SETTEBELLO - Azienda Conciaria


A tradition that lasts since 1957, a craft handed down father to son, the costancy of a during time quality product. Settebello is a reality that starts so far, when Silvano and Lido Brogi, driven by their own entrepreneurial vision, began to grow with sacrifice a work whose fruit is the fundamental presupposition of the fashion that it's all around. Nowadays two brothers, Marco and Antonella Brogi, run Conceria Settebello among a journey of continous growth and development founded on a solid principle: you can get benefit for everyone only remembering that there's no tannery without a compact and strict joined team and that you don't add any value destroing the environment. Quality and environmental certification, co-generation plan, machineries adequate to safety work, are only a few of the investments supported, synonymous of a entrepreneurial class that joins specialization and Made in Italy.

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